Water Water 

Say what, say now.. Say water, say where? / 

Say what, say now.. Say water, say where? //
Some here, some there , oops, actually everywhere //

floating, drifting, breeding, frothing  /  

here to stay, going  nowhere //
Covers, bags,  shoes and even sheets / 

making way  for serious effluents from everywhere // 

unsavory elements into the air, into the ground / 

weaving itself into our water, our food //
Long ago, so long ago / 

lakes once blue and pure, but is so no more //

we see, we walk, we snort, we pass /

 but no, sir, no.. No no, Hell no //
Not for a moment, not at all / 

will we see  see, actually see //

that it is us that spew and spill, spit and spoill / 

these very once blue lakes, that we so need to live //
Say what, say now.. Say water, say where? / 

Some here, some there, oops, actually everywhere


Shiva Sojourn 15 days in Tibet, experiencing Budhism, Manasarovar and Kailash. Aug 2016.

Shiva Sojourn

15 days in Tibet, experiencing Budhism, Manasarovar and Kailash. Aug 2016.

(Full post with pictures: shivasojourn )

Just back from the 15 day trip. Katjmandu, Lhasa, 3 days bus drive, manasarovar, trekking to Mt Kailash and then retrace back to Kathmandu. Can’t even begin to describe what am feeling.  The intense draw/pull that was there since the first time is very very very justified. I will come back again. This works on multiple levels. The journey itself (though it is much much easier than when people walked, yes walked, from south India to Manasarover-Kailash, that took many many months and many never made it or atkeast never returned back home),is still very tough. The altitude Cclamitisation, breathing difficulty, occasional sickness, 4 days of extremely basic accommodations (with no loos not bath) in extremely cold-windy weather, and the 14km trek climbing up 600m altitude but with several ups and downs so probably a net of 2000m climb when just a few steps up you feel breathless. But… but..but…


EVEVRY BUT WORTH IT!!! The best thing we have done in our life. Lot of time to reflect on things.  From  Nepal the Hindu temples   and budhist monasteries and their approach to life is very enlightening. And then ofcourse the awe inspiring Manasatovar lake. Highest fresh water lake in the world. With a lot of religious significant to many religions. But fringe science lap believes this is where life forms emerged from (though before the tectonic shifts and part of that like ended here).  Dip in the freezing water coming out to frigid winds, does have some effect. Can’t describe.

And the mt Kailash. At the end of the trek the view of the mountain. Few different faces along way. And the closest view north face at end. Can keep watching for days. Even when mostly covered in clouds it is beautiful. But that is not what it is snout. It is supposed to be the energies here.  Different views. Philosophies. Some scienyific even. But one thing is for sure and real. The time here I could feel the reverberations. Strongly.  This is not religion.  Something much much more. Felt it last time. Felt it stronger this time. There will definitely be many many more times to come!!!!

Feeling extremely happy (and energised) as we trek back down from my Kailash. Retracing our trek and 3 day drive (1200km in Himalayas) to Lhasa and flight back to Kathmandu.


Here is how it happened….


Arrive in Kathmandu, day 1. Aug 24th


Shiva Sojourn- Day 2. Patan town. 1400m altitude.

Just outside Kathmandu. A 1800 year old city. Structures (stupas) that seamlessly blends in with structures built in later centuries and ofcourse many being built even now. Hinduism and Bhudhism in perfect harmony. And in the evening we get to meet Satguru!! Am excited. Who wouldn’t want to meet a bullet riding ultra-chilled humorous grounded guru. 🙂 That also embodies spirit of Shiva. (Just as Thalaiva also does!).


Later, our whole group got a chance to spend couple of hours with Sadguru. What a man!! So grounded. There is no “I” anywhere in his talk. He shared some great a insights into Kailash. And why. Best was he said Shiva has no office. So no point petitioning wishes :). Just be. And absorb the force and energy of that place (which many call Shiva). He used an amazing phrase- “Joyful Confusion”. A state where we blissfully accept there is lot we don’t know and never get perturbed. And that will open up answers. And insights. Am in an extremely joyful state right now. Ready for day 3.


Shiva Sojourn Day 3. Pashupatinath (Kathmandu)


Official tour segment starts. Groups assigned. ID cards (nice keepsake! 🙂 ). And then a visit to Pashupatinath temple- considered as significant and powerful as Kashi. A major shiva temple on an otherwise entirely vaishnavite country. Fully supported by gov and frequented by Hindus and Budhists in absolute harmony! What a beautiful temple. And what energy- could feel it clearly reverberating!! (Enroute couldn’t help but notice most roads were litter free and every road we went had a very usable nice sidewalk). All set to leave for Lhasa tomorrow.

Shiva Sojourn Day 4. Lhasa (Tibet). 3400m

Just reached Lhasa. 3500m altitude. Between group checkin, flight, arrival immigration and customs took almost 12 hours! What a beautiful city. The new parts of Lhasa we drove thru. Not the images I had in mind. (Old city tomorrow). 2 days acclamation. Then the 24 hr/3day bus ride.


Shiva Sojourn Day 5. Lhasa.

Soaking in the spirit of Buddhism. Sera Monastery (2nd largest monastery in Tibet, very large universities of Buddhism, learning and worship), Jokhang temple (that has monks chanting, a place of worship) and palace ( the Dalai Lama residence.seat of spiritual and administrative). All are religious. People very religious. Very soft. Firmly believing in budhists. Imbibing simple truthful living into daily lives. The kalachakra and 6 levels of life (hell thru human life thru heaven) and the 3 things to avoid (hatred/anger, desire and ignorance). Feeling extremely pensive (in a good way). Wondering why as a race did we not allow budhism to flourish in the land of its birth? Probably a right frame of mind as we drive further west tomorrow (3 days drive to Manasarovar).


Shiva Sojourn Day 6.  Shigatse


Ready to leave Lhasa tomorrow. Beautiful city. With a very broad beyond-the-immediate spirit of the people. Enjoyed it. Touched inner cores! Looking forward to more.. 8 hours Onto Xigatse, and next day another 8 hours to Saga. Next day in Manasarovar. Then the ultimate!


Shiva Sojourn Day 7.  Saga

11 hour/500+KM drive from Shigatse to Saga. Touch highest altitude of 5089m. Now at 4600m. Quaint little town. Drive was amazing. Chants once in a while. And enjoying the Tibetan plateau hills and rivers and lakes. And the amazing skies. All set for Manasarovar tomorrow!



Shiva Sojourn Day 8. Finally here. Manasarovar.

Very early start at Saga. 400+km drive from Saga. Sunrise thru clouds and showers to finally sighting Mt Kailash (albeit mostly covered by clouds). Reached Manasarovar. And straight headed to a hour long Isha process before the dip. All the shiva chants still ringing in my ears. And then the freeziest moment ever in our life! But in all well worth it. Something very magical about this place can’t describe. It is not about gods. Much more than that. Tomm trekking to Kailash.


Shiva Sojourn Day 9. Trek to Mt Kailash

The big day. Started with a beautiful sunrise at Manasarovar. A satsang where Sadguru talked about the relevance of this amazing place. It is about the energies here (Shiva is energy!). It is not about God or prayers. Along the way Sadguru advised quietly “being” with the energies here. And the connection and reverberation is amazing. The trek was well worth the view of Mt Kailash at end. And the feeling!!! Indescribable!!


Shiva Sojourn Day 10. Mt Kailash!

At the end of the trek the view of the mountain was exhilarating! The closest view north face at end. Can keep watching for days. Even when mostly covered in clouds it is beautiful. And it’s beauty is much beyond its form. Different religions rever. Different Philosophies. Some scientific even (about energies.. maybe not even from this world). But one thing is for sure and real… The time here I could feel the reverberations. Much stronger than last time. Isha process amplified even more. Feeling extremely energised and happy. A very unusual and different kind of bliss! (Just trekked back to Manasarovar).


The trek back..


Shiva Sojourn Day 11. Manasarovar, Drive back.

Just as we were leaving Manasarovar for the day long drive to Saga.. on one side beautiful sunrise over lake, and opp aide in a ultra clear azure blue skies, Mt Kailash stood on its entire glory. What a sight! The whole experienice these past two days has been amazing. And out of my so-far world! An unique combination of joy , internal (deep down) bliss, tangibly energised, and much much more… This is not religion. Something much much more. Felt it last time. Feeling it much stronger this time. There will definitely be many many more times to come!!!! For now, Adios Manasatovar-Kailash.


Shiva Sojourn Day 12. Saga. Shigatse.

Longest single day segment, 550km. Saga to Shigatse. Last evening a great fun and spirited celebration of Sadgurus birthday (lots of fun.. and no alcohol involved :). Lots of shiva songs!). A group pic earlier. What stands out is over half the group is under 30 years old! (typically tour groups have mostly 50+ year olds). And none here for the usual reasons. Today enjoying the vistas of the high mountains of the Tibetan plateau. Lunch by a beatific lake. Soaking in the spirit. Adding to the positive energies from Kailash two days back. Still on the shiva high!! 🙂


Shiva Sojourn Day 13/14. Shigatse to Lhasa.



Shiva Sojourn Day 13/14. Lhasa to Kathmandu.


With a whole lot of pleasant experiences (and hopefully some of the energies from Manasarovar/Kailash), reached Lhasa last evening. And leaving Tibet now. (And onto HYD from Kathmandu tomorrow). The pull is so strong. Something very magical about Tibet. And Ofcourse Mt Kailash. Will definitely be back!


Drive to the Airport


Shiva Sojourn Day 15. Kathmandu


Most of the group was on same flight form Kathmandu to Delhi (and then connecting to other cities). Fantastic vibes at the airport. Reliving much of past 2+ weeks. Can’t even begin to explain how truly magical and deep the two weeks were. Very happy about it. Very happy to be getting back home. Very happy at the ideas buzzing in my mind :).

By: Ramesh Loganathan, (Progress Software/IIIT-H), Hyderabad

https://www.facebook.com/ramesh.loganathan | https://twitter.com/rameshl1

Very happy, excited &.. Signing off, as Hysea President

What a time to be in Hyderabad! Brimming with optimism and bubbling energy all over! very gratifying that I got tha honor to head Hsyea during the two years when the city went thru this transformation. buth in serious substance and in perception. Organizations, companies, academic and government all coming together amazingly well. Great green shoots showing up, promising much better times in the year(s) ahead..

With Google and Amazon setting up their permanent campuses in Hyderabad, their largest outside of HQ and Apple zeroing in on Hyderabad for its technology centre!!! When we thought all large Indian companies are all set locations wise, we now have NIIT starting in Hyderabad, and that too a Technology Innovation Centre! Incumbent companies continuing to grow like crazy and biggies taking on large purpose built campuses and every company actively moving towards creating value, innovation and products. In an environment of exemplary collaboration between the industry and the government there is fantastic traction and recognition gained nationally for the early stage start-up ecosystem in the city. All this becoming even sweeter given it is happening in the silver jubilee year of HYSEA.

An extremely eventful year, as just after the last AGM we kicked off a very ambitious change initiative, JNTU EXCITE, along with TASK. Led by Hyderabad Hackers, a HYSEA anchored initiative26 colleges, 52 faculty, 230+ students worked on building 78 IoT and Mobile products for Smart City use cases at a 5 week product engineering-entrepreneurship workshop. Starting with ideation and market opportunity validation onto design thinking, then the implementation and ending with a pitch workshop. 78 teams, 78 ideas, and 20 finalists that were mentored thru their final year creating a very exciting hands-on tech talent pool from tier-2 colleges, some of whom are taking their prototypes onto becoming a start-up. This reflects the change in the thinking and enablement that HYSEA is bringing in. We found an effective way to engage with academics without any excessive time demands from industry leaders and architects and still got a format that inspires, excites and aggressively enables tech innovation and customer centric solution/product thinking. Adding yet another serious enabler is the Hyderabad Product Leaders forum, another initiative anchored by HYSEA. This forum is an independent group of product managers who discuss product strategy, product management and product marketing. These two combined with the HYSEA Product forum is bringing in serious change in mind-sets and enablement around product innovation. The JNTU Excite has since led to the year-long program in colleges, IoT Makerspaces and a very successful hacker Summit in July. These groups also put together an inspiring Design Summit at Annual Summit event under the inspiring guidance of Product Forum Chair, Sesha Rao.

The other forums were not any behind. The CSR forum has intensified its initiatives under the leadership of the Chair, Bharani Aroll. Apart from taking on more continued support for few schools, took the tree plantation drive to a new level in 2015. That further led to the extremely ambitious 25 lakh Tree drive as part of the silver jubilee year celebrations. SME forum continues to be one of the most tangible grass root enabler helping SMEs with tactical and strategic aspects thru monthly sessions and annual SME summit. The unique leadership development, that is designed by leaders and delivered by leaders, has gained more momentum in this year.

Am very happy at all this happening in the silver jubilee year that kicked off November end with the managing committee meeting with the IT Minister and IT Secretary to thank them for the unflinching support from the government thru the years. A very unique Govt-industry collaboration exists here that has always accelerated the pace of development and growth. Great infrastructure and policy environment with industry and Govt actively collaborating in grooming and growing the innovation ecosystem has been so effective that in 2 short years Hyderabad is now widely recognized as a major start-up and innovation hub in the country. Second only to Bangalore!

We are all looking forward to the second half of silver jubilee year activities. The lecture series from the industry CEOs/Founders, the think-tank and felicitation meeting with government officers, the silver jubilee year SME summit and CSR summit and the bigger and better annual sports and cultural events. Finally the Silver Jubilee Grand finale on November 27th, where we are hoping we will have at least a few global IT leaders that hail from Hyderabad. Very very exciting times indeed. As we march towards becoming the technology innovation capital in the country and beyond.

Signing off as Hysea President. With extreme excitement, a very content heart and enthusiastic optimism, Wishing Hysea and the new President the very best in taking Hysea an industry to the dizzying heights. (Will be around helping wherever needed 🙂 ).

Chaired Cloud Panel at ITsAP Annual technology Day. Dec 11 2013

Chaired Session to discuss the technology trends in the cloud space- specifically PaaS and emerging development models. Panelists included CIO of Cordys/Opentext, Practice Director at TCS and Den R&D of IIIT-H.

Tech Entrepreneurship panel discussion at IEEE Region 10 event. Hyderabad. July 13 2013

A panel discussion for student volunteers from across many Asian countries that were at the IEEE Region 10 conference in Hyderabad. 

Panel on ‘Innovation value metrics’ at ISB. Sep 22 2013.

Part of the panel discussing innovation value metrics, chiared by Prof. Anitesh Barua- William F. Wright Centennial Professor of Information Technology, Stevens Piper Foundation Professor of 2001, University of Texas Distinguished Teaching Professor. At ISB, Hyderabad. 


Moderated panel on data Sciences opportunities at Hyderabad Data Sciences group seminar Sep 2013

Moderated panel on data Sciences opportunities at Hyderabad Data Sciences group seminar Sep 14 2013. Panel included: Jitendra Putcha, Sr. Director, Cognizant;  Niladri Ray, Executive Vice President, Broadridge; Sreedhar Peddineni, Co-Founder, Gainsight; Surya Putchala, CEO, ZettaMine Technologies; Chids Kollengode, Sr. Director, Nokia (Original Yahoo team that implemented Hadoop). 


Chair at TiE SmashUP, an early stage startup ecosystem event, September 20 2013


Z-Talk at Zinnov Confluence, on “Innovation and product ecosystem experiences”. July 12. Bangalore

Talk at Zinnov Confluence 2013- Bangalore, on Innovation experiences thru my professional journey from childhood at Sriharikota (space launch center) thru Informix and Pramati to present role leading India labs for Progress Software and as active volunteer in the startup and academic incubators ecosystem in Hyderabad. 


Tech Sparks 2013 Hyderabad panel on ‘Identifying and connecting to markets’ June 13 2013

Part of a panel that discussed “Identifying and Connecting to Your Markets for Tech Entrepreneurs”, at Tech Sparks 2013- Hyderabad . http://techsparks2013.yourstory.in/hyderabad/